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This came into work today. I shortlisted it and displayed it on my cafe counter.
The back said something like “He is into BDSM. (Batman, Dragons, Star Wars, and Magic the Gathering).”
The first paragraph starts like this:

“I growl with frustration at my reflection in the mirror. My hair is fifty shades of messed up. Why is it so kinky and out of control? I need to stop sleeping with it wet. As I brush my long brown hair, the girl in the mirror brown eyes too big for her, stares back at me. Wait… my eyes are blue! It dawns on me that I haven’t been looking in the mirror—I’ve been staring at a poster of Kirsten Stewart for the past five minutes. My own hair is fine.”

my own hair is fine
oh my god where can i buy this

I have read this book and I assure you it is literary gold.
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Anyway, you can’t leave her like that. You can’t do that to the woman. She doesn’t deserve it; nobody does. You don’t belong to her and she doesn’t belong to you, but you’re both part of each other; if she got up and left now and walked away and you never saw each other again for the rest of your lives, and you lived an ordinary waking life for another fifty years, even so on your deathbed you would still know she was part of you. Iain Banks, “The Bridge”  (via sleepychick)
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The writers must be running out of ideas to even entertain a Claire and Drew romance..

This storyline is all kinds of hell nos. 


Ow! Here are the 6 best gay kisses from the MTV Movie Awards.

Best of Shay (part I.)
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